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A Simple Formula to Create a Joyous Life for Today, Not Tomorrow with Brianne Ligori

Episode 101: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today, I have a very special guest, someone that I'm excited to introduce you to, her name is Brianne Ligori. In November 2018, Brianne took a trip to Costa Rica with her family and amidst the beautiful landscape, she thought about her life. She had everything - a perfect husband, lovely kids, a well-paying job - why wasn't she more happy? While watching the locals living their "pura vida" life, she had an epiphany, ever since she could remember, she had been living what she's coined a treadmill life, jumping from obligation to obligation. In her new book, Claiming Your TGIToday, Brianne arms other highly motivated women with the tools needed to slow down and enjoy life before it passes by.

Ready? Listen in...


• And so for me, it was like a bit of a rewire that needed to happen so that I can start to feel my own definition of success. So redefining what success meant for me was all about understanding who I am, what I want, and starting to make choices to live by that. So that was sort of a huge pivotal moment in my life where I realized there is more, and it's not just about collecting a bunch of stuff, it's about living a meaningful life. And so from that moment on, I made it my mission to really understand how do we get there, how do we get to this place of living a more joyous life in the moment. I started to kind of reflect on people that I was leading in the organization I was at, and people that I was coaching all over the world, and I was starting to see sort of a pattern emerge. So many of us were living in the same place where we're defining success based on the outside, and it created this sort of what I call TGIF mentality. (03:12)

• So that is the solution that I was after, after I had this sort of life epiphany. I started interviewing people all over the world, I started sort of trying to uncover what are the factors that go into our joy today? How do we create a TGI today life instead of living this TGIF life. And that is where the TGIToday formula was born, and this is the formula that's in my book, planning your TGIToday, and it is all about helping us get to this place of happiness today. So I would love to share that with you. So listeners, grab your pens, the TGIToday formula is Purpose plus People, plus Pace, and it all sits on a foundation of the power of Choice. So when we look at our purpose, what we're here on earth to achieve, if something's not lining up for us and we have the choice to do something different with the people. So if we want to live a more joyous life, we really need to be surrounding ourselves with people that are going to lift this up, propel us towards our goals. If that is not working for us, then we're being dragged down by certain people, we have a choice. And then finally pace, a huge one for so many of us, so many of us are just feeling exhausted by the pace of life. So if it's not working for you, you have the power of choice to do something different. (06:27)

• So this for me was sort of the saying that kind of triggered me to do a bit of a life inventory on the beach that day, and pura vida is all about living that pure life. The Costa Ricans, they don't strive to collect a whole bunch of stuff, they literally live in the moment, a moment by moment, and they are so happy it's contagious. And they don't worry about, Oh my gosh, I need to have a million dollars in my bank account. They literally trade like a mango for something else they need from a neighbor, and they're truly happy because they're connecting with people and they're just living what they call this pure life. And for me, it was such a huge kind of smack on the head to go, What the hell am I doing with my life? Why am I so worried about? Just advancing, advancing, advancing. I think I had... In my corporate tenure of 18 years, I had 10 different jobs, I was literally jumping to the next job within 18 months to two years because I was like, Oh my gosh, I got a climb, climb, climb...Achieve, achieve, achieve. And it was the moment when I saw this saying here, pura vida, and it just really shifted everything for me. (13:24)

• Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you asked because I have to say, Wayne Dyer is like my guru. I don't know if you know Wayne, I love Wayne. I know he's not here with us. Right? He's so good! So he passed in 2014, but he has had such a significant impact on my life. And the quote that I love from him is, 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change'. Power house quote! It all goes back to that power of choice. So if we choose to be a victim of our circumstances and feel like we have no control over our life in our day, guess what? That's going to follow. If we shift that and start to know and believe that we can control our day and our happiness and our joy, so much will shift for you. (17:33)


Brianne Ligori lives and leads from the heart. She believes that everybody can—and should—live a life of purpose and joy. In her writing and coaching, Brianne is laser-focused on a worldview of infinite possibilities and a relentless pursuit of purpose. She sets an inspiring example by standing firmly for living according to her inner truth. Choosing joy, Brianne bravely set aside her dazzling corporate career to follow her bliss—sharing purpose-driven choices with the world.

Brianne worked in the corporate world for many years, where she raised the bar in varying roles in sales, marketing, and training. Her desire to help people grow and learn led her to a professional coaching certification through the International Coach Federation and certified training and development designation.

Through coaching and training, Brianne has left an indelible mark on people by igniting their sense of purpose, but her more significant legacy is to build new coaches. She put her designations to work in her corporate world by creating an internal coach certification program, thereby empowering other leaders to leave their mark. Going ever deeper, Brianne embraced her emerging passions to touch people more profoundly and launched two new businesses.

Brianne co-founded the Leader Coach Intensive—a coach certification program specifically targeted to developing leaders of the future. Brianne is also poised to launch a comprehensive learning program to accompany her inspiring book, Claiming Your TGIToday.

You can be in awe of how Brianne lives her life with passion and joy—or you can jump into her safe hands and learn how to live yours that way.

Her new book, Claiming Your TGIToday, arms other highly motivated women with the tools needed to slow down and enjoy life before it passes.



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EPISODE AIRED ON: October 04, 2022

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