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Now... if you’re ready to truly level up your manifesting mojo and create the future you’re dreaming of, you’ll love this...


Release The Deep-Rooted Fears & Doubts That Are HOLDING YOU BACK From Success

Discover the secret to believing and living like your goals are reality with my Guided Visualizations! 


You’re off to a great start with creating a mindset that supports and manifests your dreams...


Are you ready for the next step?


It’s one thing to just want it or need it — while this can move you towards your dream future, maybe you’re looking ahead to that next level…


Being able to easily visualize and manifest all of your goals

Continuing to find deeper desires and realize your dreams

Knowing that you aren't held back by mindset blocks anymore

Finally letting go of your old stories and negative emotions

Consistently raising your vibrations to attract more and more

Most people want their goals to manifest... and while they try to visualize and attract them, their hidden doubts and fears create troublesome BLOCKS to their goals.


You’re not most people 😉 


It took me years to study and understand the secrets to visualizing so I could release past blocks and emotions that held me back — but you don’t have to stay stuck! 


If something isn’t serving you, you can learn to EASILY release it and move forward quickly... so you can believe in and attract what you want in your life!


The Guided Visualization bundle!

you'll get... 

Raise Your Vibration Goal Accelerator

Pink Sky

uplevel  your manifestation!

So you can Manifest your Goals & Manifest more Abundance FAST!


When you mix emotion with your desires it allows you to manifest faster!! Normally $7.97 each, today only I wanted to offer these as a thank you for downloading the Magic 5 Morning Mindset — 

you can grab them BOTH today for only $7.97... saving 50%!  

By Purchasing these programs  you agree to our Terms of Use

love NOTES


So I have been doing the Magic 5 Morning Mindset but decided to step it up and invest in Kristi's 2 guided Visualizations, Raise your Vibration & Goal Accelerator and WOW!!  


Literally the next day I had someone reach out and join my team as a biz partner!!! It was so unexpected and such a blessing.


This stuff really works!!! I'm going to be doing it everyday


KD - Stella .jpg

Kristi Dear is truly an amazing woman with so much insight to offer. She was mentioning something on one of her podcasts about how we don’t manifest what we want if we are still in the asking phase all of the time.


She said to ask & then let it go & believe it will show up. 

I did that & the very next day I received a sale in 1 of my businesses! By my surrendering & letting go, I allowed more to come into my life & as a Doctor, I was able to help another woman change her health mentally & physically.


After following and diving into the mindset that Kristi teaches, doing the guided visualizations, and truly believing the affirmations, I manifested an extra $500 dollars in a week.


From unexpected pay checks, new clients, too having a refund for my car insurance! When you put your whole heart into it, these practices really work!


KD - Allie (1).jpg

Raise Your Vibration 

Clear away any doubts, fears, or worries with this guided visualization.


  You can become a vibrational match to your goals NOW! 

Goal Accelerator 

 This powerful guided visualization helps you to connect with your goals.


Feel into achieving each goal & step into that version of you! 


Create powerful manifestations… start clearing the doubt and fear that is keeping you stuck and start believing that you CAN reach your deepest dreams and goals!
Each guided visualization is worth $47, and I normally offer them for $7.97 — this is the only place you’ll see them both for only $7.97 total!
If you’re ready to VISUALIZE EASIER and MANIFEST FASTER, the Guided Visualization bundle is for you!

By Purchasing these programs  you agree to our Terms of Use


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