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Stop Hustling, Start Allowing


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here. I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today, we're going to be talking about something that's been on my mind a lot. It's about the word hustling. I've heard people say, You've got to hustle. You've got to work hard, you've got to hustle to make it happen. We're going to talk about Hustling versus Allowing, what the difference is, and what results are going to come out of either one. So you have a choice, you can hustle or you can allow. I believe that Allowing is the ultimate way to go to maximize your manifestations and your goals.

Ready to learn why? Let's go...


• If the sun is out, you are doing something, you are producing something, you're being productive, sitting around is lazy... You're not being productive in society, you need to be doing something. And so I grew up with that mindset mentality, that's what my family taught me, and that's what they believed. And You know what? I've looked back at my past and everything, and I blessed everything because you know what, everything's just been a blessing in my life because I do believe that growing up that way, it did push me to accomplish a lot of great things in my life. Because I was always doing something, I was always producing and I never wanted to sit down because I grew up that that was, you know, lazy and you weren't being productive. So I didn't want to feel lazy, I didn't want to shame myself for sitting around and just relaxing. I always had to be doing something. but as I got older and started really studying the Law of Attraction and really studying manifestation, I learned something really, really huge. (01:54)

• But when I stepped into the Allowing, and here's what it looks like, okay, this is the allowing... The allowing is, I'm going to wake up every single morning and I'm going to do my morning mindset. I'm going to spend at least an hour through my morning mindset, doing my magic five morning mindset, which you can get off my website at, It's my morning mindset routine I do... I'm going to do some tapping, I'm going to do some visualization, I'm just going to get in a high vibe, I'm going to set my attention for the day, then I'm going to go work out. Okay, I'm going to go work out, and then when I come back, I'm going to start taking the action steps on my business, reaching out to people, following up, doing some social media posts, doing my to-do list, things like that. And in between those things, yes, I might return messages and I may do a post on social media after my work out or maybe having breakfast with somebody, but I'm going to show up and take the action. The mind to action and the physical action of reaching out to people following up, doing a post and then doing the mind to action, and then I'm going to sit back and Allow. (06:56)

• When I see the hustle, you got to work around the cloud, you got to make it happen. Make it happen. Make it happen. I just cringe because I think gosh there's such a different way. I don't feel like God intended us to wake up every morning and say, feet on the floor, go to work all day long. Go to work, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, until we come back and we're exhausted, tired and burned out. I believe we're made to put our feet on the floor, wake up, have some time to wake up. Have some time for prayer, have some time for gratitude, has some time to get up and have our coffee and go outside and look at the birds. Have some time to sit in appreciation, take time for ourselves, take care of our body, go for a walk, go for a workout. Make time to work on our business, get the things done that we need to do, and then take some time for rest, relaxation, focusing on what's important in life, family friends, being present in the moment, nature. I really believe that that is how we were made to live and we've been caught up so much in this hustle, because the amount of success we have has been tied to our worthiness. We're already worthy guys, we're already worthy of amazing and great things. (11:22)

• Appreciate and appreciate more. You now have boundaries, have business hours, have non-business hours, but don't drive ourselves into a crazy frantic work around the clock mentality because you don't have to do that to be super successful. Let me just tell you right now, you don't have to do that to be super successful, and most people that I see that are working like that, they either have success but they're burned out, or they can't get to that next level of success and they can't figure out why you're doing all the things. But they can't figure out why the thing they're not doing is Allowing... The thing they're not doing is leaning back and letting God take the wheel. The thing they're not doing is holding the faith in the vision that their dreams and goals are possible. (13:54)


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