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Natalie Tuman: Think Fit First


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. I am so happy to have you here. Today we have a very special guest, one of my friends, and she's also one of my fitness trainers at the Burn Bootcamp that I attend. She is amazing and kicks my butt every time I go, but in a good way. Natalie Tuman helps women like you find their strength by being perfectly imperfect, both physically and mentally through her public speaking ventures, podcast episodes and virtual coaching clients. Natalie leads a passion-driven business focused on encouraging women to take action now, she's a recent breast cancer conqueror and she encourages women to not wait for tragedy to strike before they can take action on caring for themselves. She is a mom to three kiddos and she's been a personal trainer for more than a decade. Natalie has riden the roller coaster from ultimate health to the bottom of the barrel, and back again. She knows the struggles that everyday women face, as well as those who are fighting to regain their identity and finding a new normal. She's founder of My Think Fit, the Tuman Breast Cancer Foundation, and the co-host of Life Work, the podcast.

Are you ready? Listen in...


• My brand is My Think Fit, and that started more than a decade ago, and I've always truly believed that you have to think fit first, you know it has to come from the inside before you can reach any of your fitness goals. It's kind of like you talk to people that, for example, I want to quit smoking or something like that, right? And your loved ones all around you can want you to quit, whatever this bad habit is, so much, but until you're truly, truly ready, you're never going to do the thing right. And so I kind of have always correlated that to our health and fitness journey, until you can really get your mind right and get straight there, it's really not going to matter what you're doing, because you're going to give up, you're going to quit. It's not going to mean much to you. So I just think that you truly have to think at first before you can truly live it. And I also believe that when you have everything stripped away from you, you have no other choice, it doesn't matter what's going on on the exterior, If you're not okay on the inside. (2:04)

• I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 38, so in 2018, don't do the math you'll know how old I am... When I was 38, I was diagnosed with stage three, grade c breast cancer, and I was truly... If you would have looked at pictures or looked at lab work or anything like that, I mean, I was at the epitome of my health and fitness, I was doing great, there were no complaints in that arena, I don't think. But throughout that journey, everything was stripped away from me, I lost every inch of hair that was on my body, I was so sickly looking, my finger nails turned brown, my teeth got jacked, I had sores in my mouth, I had... At one point, I had an infection all over my face. If you can take, just the worst of the worst in looks, that's pretty much what you were going to get. I had sores on my head, scars all over my body. So basically, every single thing on the exterior was completely stripped away from me, right? There is nothing left on that, so when you have nothing left on the outside, that has to come from somewhere, right? (4:09)

• I think when we're more honest about our imperfections, I mean that's a hashtag I use all the time, #PerfectlyImperfect. But I think that when we are more honest about our imperfections were more relatable. Anyway, I mean, that's the one thing I can remember, at one point I was really building a business and someone talked to me and they were like, I want to join you, but you are way too perfect, I can't ever attain that. And I'm like, Whoa, you know that just, it was not a compliment to me, because I was like, I am completely failing, right? Because I am the furthest thing from perfect, and if that's what I'm giving off and there's a problem... There's a big problem. Now, what I do love in today's world, I do feel like we're starting to embrace things differently, we're starting to embrace different body types and see all different shapes and sizes as beautiful. (7:15)

• I'm big on my faith, right? In fact, I just was telling my daughter this last night, it's truly 100% cheesy, and this is exactly what my text to her said, I was like, as cheesy as it sounds, God made you on purpose. God made you exactly the way you are because you are perfect in His image. You have to remember that you were created the way, you are 100% on purpose, there were zero mistakes made. Zero. So if you can somehow try to just embed that into your head, whether it is putting things all around your house, little reminders, putting things in your car, on the mirror, personal development and personal growth is so huge, and I think that when you can learn to come from a place of love instead of a place of resentment or anger, it can change everything. And so for me personally, my first steps are, I do a devotion every single morning to try to remind me and get my mind set right so that I can think in a more fit mental aspect throughout the day, that's my first step. And then, just trying really to work, I'm constantly listening to podcasts, I have a podcast, and I'm constantly listening and putting positivity into my head. (11:55)

• I think just realizing like, I don't care who you are, what stage of life you're in, chances are, you've either been through a battle, or you're going through one right now, or you will. None of us are immune from it, and I learned that really hard core. When we got our diagnosis, I just love to tell people, if you can take anything away, it's just don't wait for tragedy to strike before you start taking care of yourself. I know without a doubt, if I would not have been doing my personal growth, reading my devotion every single day, being in the shape I was physically, eating the way that I had, if I would not have had all of those pieces in place when I did get my diagnosis, I know without a doubt, I might have made it through, but I darn sure I would not have come through and been able to get back in a healthy lifestyle, it would have been a whole lot harder, and my journey was really freaking hard. It was not one that was just A to Z, it was miserable, it's still miserable. So, I just really wish that people don't wait until you get that diagnosis to be like, Oh, you know what, I'm going to start taking care of myself, right? Don't wait until you lose someone before you're like, Oh, I really need to get right in the head. Quit waiting. Don't wait because it's going to happen, so start now, there's no better time than the present. Just don't wait for it to strike. Start taking care of yourself in the here and the now. (15:51)


Natalie supports women like you to find their perfectly imperfect strength both physically and mentally. Through her public speaking ventures, podcast episodes and virtual coaching clients, She leads a passion driven business focused on encouraging women to take action NOW!

Natalie is a recent breast cancer conqueror, she encourages women to not wait for tragedy to strike before they start taking action in caring for themselves.

She is a mom to 3 kids and has been a personal trainer for more than a decade. She has ridden the roller coaster from ultimate health to the bottom of the barrel and back again! She knows the struggles that every day women face as well as those who are fighting to regain their identity in finding a new normal.

She is the founder of My Think Fit, Inc. The Tuman Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Co-Host of Lifework:The Podcast. CONNECT WITH NATALIE:

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