Are you ready to start clearing away your money blocks so you can Magnetize $5k Months & Beyond?


“Most people don’t make the money they are capable of making, they make the money they have been conditioned to BELIEVE they can make!” 

Are you TIRED OF:


*Feeling like earning money is always a struggle

*Feeling like there is NEVER  enough money 

*Feeling Unlucky with money

*Feeling like you constantly have to  spend money on repairs or unexpected expenses while  feeling 

like you can NEVER get ahead

*Feeling like you can’t make the money you desire

If you answered “YES” then this course is for you, & you are not alone!  These are some of the most common money struggles.

There was a time in my life when I was struggling with money!  Credit Card debt, living paycheck to paycheck, I felt like there was  NEVER ENOUGH!  No matter how hard I worked or how much I tried the money struggle was real!

 I was unhappy, overweight, and and living in debt.

I often times asked myself, “Why am I so unlucky with MONEY???”

I felt like when money would come in, it would go right back out!  I would see other people living their dreams, having the freedom, and income I craved so WHY NOT ME??


One day I felt like I just couldn’t take it anymore and  I feel to to my knees in tears.  I knew something had to change. I couldn’t live like this!



That was my huge A-Ha moment in my life.

Divine intervention basically said to me, 


"If you want a change, It starts with you!  


I realized that I had to change my inner world around money before my outer world would reflect .



Through the process of working on my own money story and trying to get to the root of why money seemed like such a struggle, I learned how to change my mindset and start receiving 

more income, abundance, and joy in my life!


Without realizing it, I had been sabotaging myself FOR YEARS  because I was doing the exact opposite of what I really needed to do to increase my income!


 I was focusing on the lack, and by doing that I was actually keeping myself in debt, struggling and stuck without even realizing  it.



Once  I started implementing this step-by-step formula from the Magnetize $5k months course  into my life,  

my world started to transform!!!


Things that I had placed on my vision board where manifesting, more opportunities where starting to show up, & more income started to flow in from expected and unexpected sources.   


I was able to build my dream biz working out of my home supporting thousands of people

from around the world.

 My husband was able to retire from Corporate America, we were able to pay off all CC debt, build our dream house with a pool,  travel to fun luxurious places, and

I became  #19 in my biz to become a Million Dollar earner in only 2.5 years.








The steps in this course have allowed me to SHIFT my own money mindset and support women from around the world to do the same. Check out all the love notes HERE!  

I decided that everyone needed to learn how to apply this money manifesting formula into  their lives!

I didn’t want money to stand in the way……kinda ironic ha

One of my clients attracted $60k into her life within 4 months of working with me 1:1 while doubling her income!

Lavonna  started implementing  these money mindset techniques and

within a few hours she received a bonus check for $960!!!!!!

 Fionna manifested $22k in a week, and Chelsea Manifested an extra $3k in a week! 



Sign up NOW and start learning how to use these Money Manifesting techniques for only $27!




You will receive: 

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“Lovely Kristi Dear!
I just thought it would make your day (and inspire others) if I shared something with you!
I am working through your Magnetize $5k months program and just got done writing myself a check and hanging them all through the house alongside the affirmations and I got a download that I needed to pause and check my email.

I click over to my email and low and behold, I had $2,071 worth of payments come through my PayPal!

I am totally manifesting right now and feeling SO much gratitude!!!!!! XOXOXOX”

Ann Strout Business strategist and Freedom Coach

“I LOVED the Magnetize $5k months program! Kristi gives very practical tips, but also teaches you how to have a complete money mindset change. Those two elements partnered together make this course absolutely incredible!!”

Rodan+Fields LII Executive Consultant 

Alana Smietanski

“Kristi I downloaded your Money Map to $5k & purchased your Magnetize $5k months course. I knew there was a block around money I needed to shift and your course and you as a teacher and coach, helped me do just that. Shortly after working through what I received from you I signed a 1:1 client!”  —Emma Black   Transformational Coach, Entreprenuer & mother to 6 boys

“I purchased Kristi’s Magnetize $5k months  program & over the past few days I have been working on removing limiting beliefs that act as financial blocks in order to start manifesting more income. I do this every now and then and that is how I move on to the next level. I recognize it was time to work on this again. This morning I received a message asking me to provide a workshop for a community of women in Academia and to decide what my fee would be!!!!!! can you say love!!”

Adamaris Mendoza-Carlyle  Life & Mindset Coach

Once you purchase you will be sent a Welcome Email on how to access the Magnetize your Money course along with all the bonuses!

Here are just a few more love notes  from some of the women who used these same  

Money Mindset techniques!!!

“I just started using Kristi’s Money Mindset techniques and within one day boom- the commissions from our vacation that I have been waiting on showed up in my account totaling $960.37!”

Lavonna Jackson Vacation Enthusiast

“Thank you, thank you! I received three unexpected checks today and already met my goal for the week! Really love all your money mindset tips and inspiration. It is helping me grow both personally and in my business!”

Angelica Pierson

Independent Ambassador

“Within just a few days after using Kristi’s Money Mindset techniques, I made $242 toward my $1600 goal!! I am so excited to continue to use these steps to reach more of my money goals.”

—-Lauren Ashley Ericsson Graphic Designer

“WOW within only one week of using Kristi’s Money Mindset tips, I attracted $3,000 EXTRA income into my life!” –Chelsea Stewart Burnett

Life Insurance Agent at NewYork Life Insurance Agency

" I decided to leap into Kristi Dear's Magnetize 5K training....

Y'all this is powerful stuff and right now Waves of Abundance is coming my way.

I am utilizing the tools she has given and I am working on my manifest mindset daily.


I began doing the rituals, like being thankful for the dime I found on the street or celebrating small wins.


But there are BIG things happening.

Last Month I received 5K of bad equity taken off and walked away with a Brand New car.

I found some undeposited checks. Then good news from some other source.

But Today was super powerful... happy tears are flowing down my face. I wrote this in my morning ritual today.

For those who don't know we had a flood in our house, like a crazy bad flood. We had to move out for 60 days We have had a lot of our own money going into our home repairs. We are Blessed with our insurance but definitely some extra funds we didn't expect to spend.

This afternoon Unexpectedly I received a 5K check to help us with the house. My heart dropped and tears ran down my face in gratitude.

I am thankful for this help, I grateful for the timing and I am welcoming all the abundance!!!!”

 – Lauren Forster Alsatian